Training policy

. Arab Caps Company conducts a systematic and documented various types of training including cGMP training, on the job training, SOP training, job related skills training and external training for all employees involved in the manufacturing, testing, distribution of pharmaceutical products
. Training needs are assessed for individual employee during work and during performance appraisal.
. The identified training needs of individual employees as identified by the concerned department heads are forwarded to the Quality Assurance department.
. After completing each course topic, training assessment of employees is done to evaluate training effectiveness through questionnaire.
. Retraining is decided upon evaluation of the trainee after completing the training course. The failed trainees in the evaluation test after the course are gathered from the different groups on the same subject and retraining is held for all of them in one retraining course after trainees' evaluation.
. Arab Caps Company conducts a refreshments courses for it's' employees in house and outside for all required training subjects according to requirements. GMP Training records of all employees of Arab Caps Company are maintained with the QA department, on job training records are maintained in the departments and job related skills records are maintained in QA department