Why Hard Gelatin Capsule

Customer benefits by using ARAB-CAPS H.G.C. are : 

Preferred dosage form 

Two-piece hard gelatin capsules continue to grow in popularity because they enable companies to achieve Faster Time to Market, and they provide consumers with a preferred dosage form, as their slender shape make them easy to swallow. In addition, they effectively mask any unpleasant taste or odour of their contents. Formulation specialists appreciate the flexibility of the hard gelatin capsule, which can hold a wide variety of powders, semi-solid pastes, as well as tablets themselves. Further, controlled release studies of pellets within capsules show positive bioavailability results, in part due to the rapid, reliable and safe dissolution of the capsule. The biggest formulation advantage of capsules is that there is less need for additional excipients, which again means less R&D, QA and regulatory time required for selecting, testing and optimizing formulations. Capsules can be color-code in ways that to help patients to identify the correct medication.